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November 13, 2019

Electric vehicles (EVs) have hit a major milestone thanks to the work of a team of scientists at Pennsylvania State University. The big breakthrough from the group’s research is the ability to charge and electric vehicle in just 10 minutes.


The research has shown that it’s possible to charge an EV, with somewhere between 200 and 300 miles of range, in the superfast time of 10 minutes. Researchers developed the new method, wherein lithium ion batteries hit temperatures of 140 degrees fahrenheit in 10 minutes, and then cool down extremely quickly. This new approach allows for the charging of an electric vehicle in a staggering 10 minute timeframe.


What’s more, the Penn State researchers have confirmed that this method does not cause lithium spikes, ensuring that no heat degradation of the battery occurs. According to the research, the immediate cooling approach in the aftermath of the quickfire heating is the key to ensuring that no battery degradation occurs. It’s been suggested that a cooling system, built into the electric vehicles in question, would be the key to effectively implementing the vital cooling down process. 


Critics of electric vehicles have often expressed concern about this area of the revolutionary technology—arguing that the slow charging times make it difficult to embrace electric cars. This groundbreaking work by the research team at Penn State could go a long way to allaying these fears. Even those in staunch opposition to the introduction of electric vehicles can’t argue that a 10 minute charge is a real breakthrough for the sector.


Implementing technology in a laboratory environment is, of course, very different to implementing it on a widespread, commercial scale, but it’s an important first step nonetheless. This article, by Brad Templeton for Forbes, further elaborates on this research, outlining the possible benefit of a fast-charging electric vehicle for the average EV owner, and where it fits into the current array of EV charging options.

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By Shane Croghan