3 Big Reasons For Schools To Go Solar
May 2, 2019

Solar for schools might be a lesser-known solar approach, but the benefits are clear to see. A school solar panel installation offers all the same fantastic benefits of conventional residential or commercial solar systems, while also making a positive statement about the environment and climate knowledge. With high energy demands and, generally, plentiful roof space - solar and school seems like the perfect match. Let’s take a look at 3 great reasons for schools, colleges, universities, and all kinds of educational facilities, to go solar. 


#1. Savings

Schools can face tight budgets. Budgets that have to stretch and cover a lot of different areas to provide a complete educational experience. With the great savings that solar can provide on utility bills, as well as the proven return on investment, you can allow yourself a little more breathing room when it comes to budgetary concerns. The money saved on your electricity bill can go toward the important things - educational materials, teaching tools, classroom facilities. The stuff that really matters for an educational facility. Of course, school properties can avail of a number of fantastic rebates and incentives as well.


#2. Roof Space

Schools, universities, colleges - generally these buildings have an abundance of roof space. It makes sense to put this space to use, so why not benefit the environment and save money by putting some solar panels up there? This is a cost-efficient way to extract maximum value from your resources and put your money to better use elsewhere. Expenditure on energy can really add up across the year, so why not minimize this expense and use a resource already at your disposal - the roof.


#3. Environmental Benefits

The environmental benefits of renewable, sustainable energy sources cannot be overstated. Climate change has become more of a hot button issue than ever before and the urgency surrounding our carbon emissions has grown to unprecedented levels. Schools and other educational facilities comprise a surprising percentage of United States energy consumption, so it’s important that we all do our bit to ensure that this energy consumption doesn’t lead to huge carbon emissions. In addition, the abstract idea of climate change can be clarified for students if a school houses a solar panel installation, making the idea of energy usage more concrete. Solar presents an opportunity for learning, savings and a reduced carbon footprint.


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By Shane Croghan








Featured Image Source: Black Rock Solar [CC BY 2.0], via Wikimedia Commons