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April 23, 2019

When you think of solar, your mind might immediately jump to conventional rooftop installations on residential properties. In reality, solar is far more diverse than the classic home solar approach and can benefit people in all kinds of ways. In particular, businesses can really benefit from commercial solar installations. It takes plenty of energy to run a business, both personally and in terms of electricity. With solar, you can offset the cost of your energy expenditure and do your bit for the environment as well. Here are 5 simple reasons why a commercial solar installation can be a great investment for business owners.


#1. Lower Operating Costs

Just like with a residential solar system, a commercial solar array can massively offset your electric bill and, in some cases, even offset it entirely. No matter the size of your business, big or small, the potential to virtually eliminate a big operating cost like a utility bill is certainly nothing to be sneezed at. Solar offers a real gateway to a life almost free of electric bills. Utility rates have been climbing, and look set to continue this way, and 2019 is also the last year to get the full benefit of the federal investment tax credit so there’s never been a better time to go solar and save some money.


#2. Return on Investment

Even though it may seem like a big investment initially, it’s clear that solar pays off over time. In fact, most solar installations don’t even take a particularly long time to recoup the original investment thanks to the fantastic range of rebates and incentives on offer for commercial solar consumers. As mentioned above, this is the last year you can avail of the full thirty percent federal investment tax credit before it begins to decline to lower percentages in the coming years before disappearing entirely. With this in mind, the best time to go solar, in a financial sense at least, is 2019.


#3. Environmental Sustainability

In the battle against climate change, solar will play a pivotal role. With more renewable energy targets being set and public interest climate change solutions rapidly developing, now is a great time for businesses to “go green” and show their commitment to renewables moving forward. This decision to go solar and reduce your carbon emissions is not only cost-efficient, but a great way to generate some goodwill in the public eye, now that consumers are growing more environmentally conscious. It’s not just the public either, potential employees are also eager to work for sustainable companies and will be attracted to a company running on solar.


#4. Low Maintenance

Solar panel arrays are extremely low maintenance energy systems. They don’t have any moving parts so this immediately eliminates the need for a great deal of maintenance and makes them extremely durable. They’re built to withstand all kinds of weather conditions and operate efficiently all year round. Really, the only maintenance most systems will require is an occasional cleaning. In addition, solar systems will almost always come with a warranty upwards of twenty years.


#5. Increased Property Value

A solar panel array won’t increase your property taxes and, in fact, has been shown to increase the value of a property, be it a home or business. Not only this, but properties with solar installations generally sell quicker than those without solar when they do end up on the market. Whether you decide to lease, or buy your solar system outright (we always recommend buying outright), it’s straightforward to transfer the ownership to the new owner of the property. Potential buyers will be extremely attracted to a property which immediately reduces their energy costs.


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By Shane Croghan



Featured Image Source: M.O. Stevens [CC BY-SA 3.0], via Wikimedia Commons