The Benefits of Commercial Solar
October 22, 2018

We all know the huge benefits, both environmentally and financially, that are associated with residential solar systems. Perhaps less known is the array of benefits that a solar system can bring to a commercial venture. Unsurprisingly, the positives brought about by solar energy on a personal level can very often be scaled up to bring huge benefits to a business as well. Let’s take a look at some of the ways in which solar panel installation could be a great move for your business or commercial entity.


Potential Savings

There’s no point beating around the bush here. I think we all know that most business owners will, first and foremost, consider the business aspect of any potential investment. Not to say that other factors aren’t important too, but the financial return on an investment will obviously take precedence in many cases.


Solar panels are a great investment for commercial entities. Right off the bat, you will have the opportunity to reduce operating costs by using solar energy production to offset the current costs associated with your utilities. As well as the obvious utilities savings, the range of incentives and rebates available to those going solar can cover a huge portion of the system cost and reap dividends when tax season comes around.


Company Ethos & Image

In addition to the multiple financial benefits, the decision to go solar will make a statement about the kind of company you are and the set of values you wish to portray. At a time when climate change has become an even more urgent issue than before, it’s important for businesses to cultivate a positive attitude toward renewable energy and the future of our planet. Who knows, this renewed sense of identity, and positive social appearance, may even lead to increased financial returns for the company when it comes to doing business.


Employee Mindset

Of course, the exterior appearance of a renewably-focused company will also serve to inform the attitude of the employees that make up the company. Positive energy and affirmative, ethical decision making from those at the top will filter its way through the ranks and cultivate an excellent attitude at all levels of the company.


Property Value

In terms of property value, solar can be a wise investment for those looking to boost the value of their company site, whether or not they may be planning a potential sale in the years to come. This increased value is built upon some of the benefits we’ve discussed already, like the tax breaks and reduced operating costs associated with the installation of solar panels on the property.


It’s clear that many of the benefits of residential solar, as well as a number of new commercially specific benefits, can boost your business if you opt to go solar. Get in touch with YSG Solar today and we can begin to explore your options when it comes to commercial solar systems.


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By Shane Croghan