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March 20, 2020

The Town of Blooming Grove, New York, is set to become the latest NY town to host a large-scale solar facility. The 22 acre solar farm will be located on a 169 acre piece of land on Round Hill Road.

In terms of project development, McCarthy Solar (of California) is the applicant for the solar farm, which is set to consist of a 2 MW solar array once completed. The project is scheduled for completion across a number of phases, in order to disturb less than 5 acres of a land at a time. Throughout each phase of construction, site work and solar panel installation will overlap. 

All 5 phases will necessitate vegetation cutting and site grading, and are broken down as follows:


  • Phase 1: Create a driveway & install utility equipment.

  • Phase 2: Add swales & equipment pads.

  • Phase 3: Finalize grading & begin first solar rack installation.

  • Phase 4: Create erosion/sediment controls & install second set of solar racks.

  • Phase 5: Finish erosion/sediment controls & install final set of solar racks.

As with the majority of large-scale solar projects and solar farms, there is a plan in place for decommissioning in the event that the project becomes unviable at any point. Additionally, the site plan for the project notes the different types of trees which will be used for screening of the solar panels

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By Shane Croghan