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June 17, 2019



Solar panel installations of all shapes and sizes have become increasingly popular across the United States in recent times. Greater investment in the renewable energy sector, and the solar industry in particular, has led to greater research and development of technology and, thus, better, more cost-efficient solar systems. With this in mind, there has never been a better time for investment in a solar panel installation.


California is the undisputed solar capital of the United States and for business owners throughout the state, a solar panel array is a shrewd investment. Today, we’re going to examine some of the key reasons why commercial solar can be a profit-boosting, cost-reducing, environment-saving machine for California business owners.


#1. Reduced Operating Costs

Utility bills can eat up a chunk of the budget for those running a business and commercial solar offers the chance to virtually eliminate the monthly electric bill. Saving money on the utility bill means saving money on your operating costs and this can only be good news for California businesses. It takes a lot of energy to run a business - in plenty of different ways - and commercial solar is a route to saving money on these energy costs. The impact on utility bills is probably the biggest solar draw for a lot of people and with good reason. A solar panel installation, in some cases, can offset almost your entire electric bill each month!


#2. Increased Property Value

Often people are concerned that a solar panel installation could be damaging for their property value. Fortunately, the opposite is true! A solar panel installation, be it on a home or business, will improve both the value and saleability of a property. Anyone who sets out to purchase a new property is likely making a hefty investment, so any opportunity to reduce expenditure will be snapped up. A property with pre-installed solar allows for this reduced expenditure by offering an immediate reduction in utility bills. In a competitive California property market, commercial solar can give a real edge.


#3. Minimal Effort

The last thing a business owner needs is more of a workload, so it’s understandable that the idea of a solar project may seem daunting at first. There’s no need to worry, however, as a solar panel installation is simple, straightforward, and convenient. California solar panel installers, at least the ones worth your time, will ensure that the entire process is unobtrusive and in no way hinders your day-to-day schedule. On top of this, commercial solar systems are durable and built to withstand any weather conditions, with warranties generally upwards of twenty years.


#4. Environmental Benefits

Climate change has always been in the conversation, but lately it’s become a real hot topic throughout society. It’s clear that renewables, and solar in particular, will play a pivotal role in the fight against climate change. In California, business owners can signal their positive intent and generate a lot of goodwill by powering their operations with solar. In addition, potential employees and customers alike will be drawn toward companies pursuing progressive energy approaches. For California businesses, a commercial solar installation is a simple, cost-efficient way to reduce their carbon footprint.

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By Shane Croghan