Buffalo, New York, Community Solar, YSG Solar
May 11, 2020

Community solar plants are popping up throughout New York State and Buffalo is certainly no exception to this—with Buffalo news stations picking up on the growing popularity of community solar projects for residents of the city. For a huge city like Buffalo, there is certainly demand for stable, clean energy and community solar offers an avenue to solar for those who may not be able to install panels on their property.

What Are The Benefits of Buffalo Community Solar?

Demand for electricity is high in Buffalo, and many are keen to embrace renewable energy but, unfortunately, many properties are unsuitable for a solar panel installation. This is where community solar comes in—offering Buffalo residents the opportunity to go solar without having to install panels on their home or business. This comes with many of the benefits of rooftop solar, as well as a number of benefits unique to community solar.


  • No installation: Avoid all of the upfront costs associated with installing solar panels on your home or business.

  • Save money: Energy credits are applied to your utility bill each month, offsetting your costs and saving you money.

  • Easy to adjust: As your energy needs change over time, you can adjust your subscription to reflect your unique needs.

  • Easy to transfer: If you decide to move, YSG Solar will help you to find a community solar project for your new home.

  • Help the environment: A community solar subscription reduces your carbon footprint and supports clean energy in your community.

How Does Buffalo Community Solar Work?

Buffalo residents can sign up for community solar provided they can find a project with which they share a utility territory/load zone. YSG Solar will assist in locating the ideal community project for your location and energy needs. As long as your utility rate falls in the category of residential, small non-residential, or religious, you should be eligible to subscribe. Once you sign up, you will receive monthly bill credits proportional to the energy generated by your subscribed portion of the community solar system. Check out our infographic below for a quick summary of the process.

If you want to go solar in Buffalo, NY, contact YSG Solar today. YSG will identify the ideal community solar project for your needs and guide you through the subscription process to ensure you maximize your savings. Send us an email, or call at 212.389.9215 to get started.

YSG Solar is a project development vehicle responsible for commoditizing energy infrastructure projects. We work with long-term owners and operators to provide clean energy assets with stable, predictable cash flows. YSG's market focus is distributed generation and utility-scale projects located within North America.

By Shane Croghan