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May 16, 2020

Like many other utility companies throughout New York State and across the country, Central Hudson is working in conjunction with solar companies to allow its customers to benefit from community solar. As community solar projects have become more financially viable and, thus, more widely available, more and more utility companies are onboard with the idea.


Why Sign Up For Community Solar?

A community solar subscription is a way for Central Hudson customers to save on their utility bills without some of the costs and commitments associated with a solar panel installation on their own property. Community solar opens up the solar market to a wider range of customers, including those unable to install solar panels on their home or business. In addition to opening up the market, community solar also comes with its own set of unique benefits:


  • No solar panel installation

  • No upfront costs

  • Save on your utility bill with bill credits

  • Adjust your subscription based on energy usage

  • Flexible contract terms

  • Easy cancellation process

  • Possibility of transferring subscription


On top of these unique community solar benefits, subscribers also receive all the usual benefits of solar, including a reduced carbon footprint and regular, consistent savings.


How Do I Subscribe To Community Solar?

The best way to subscribe to a community solar project is to speak directly with a solar company like YSG Solar. An experienced solar consultant will be well-equipped to identify the correct community solar project for your specific needs. If you already have a community solar project in mind, a solar company will be able to clarify the details and confirm your eligibility for the project.

If you’re a Central Hudson customer interested in community solar, contact YSG Solar today. YSG identifies the ideal solar project for your needs, based on your location and energy usage, then guides you through the subscription process to ensure maximum savings. Send us an email, or call at 212.389.9215 to get started.

YSG Solar is a project development vehicle responsible for commoditizing energy infrastructure projects. We work with long-term owners and operators to provide clean energy assets with stable, predictable cash flows. YSG's market focus is distributed generation and utility-scale projects located within North America.

By Shane Croghan