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May 31, 2019

The various aspects of solar technology are often discussed in terms of performance, price, priority and everything else. Things like battery storage options, different inverters, and panel manufacturers come under scrutiny frequently. One less discussed and, perhaps, considerably less glamorous piece of solar technology is the humble critter guard. Today, we’re going to take a quick look at what a critter guard is and some of the factors determining the necessity of critter guards for a solar project. This information should allow you to weigh up the pros and cons of a critter guard for your own solar panel installation.


In simple terms, critter guards are a straightforward solution to an irritating problem for many homeowners. In certain locations, our little animal friends can be very tempted to interfere with solar panel installations for their own needs. A solar array can be a prime location for a bird to build a nest, and squirrels can chew through some of the installed wires. Of course, it goes without saying, a solar panel installation with chewed wires and scattered debris is far from ideal for property owners.


A critter guard is a physical barrier preventing these animals from gaining entry to your solar panels, therefore protecting your investment right from the outset. This provides protection for now and reduces the need for unnecessary maintenance work in the future. The critter guard generally takes the shape of a mesh guard, blocking entry for those pesky critters, but still allowing plenty of ventilation for your solar system to breathe and perform at its peak.


Not every system necessarily requires critter guards but it is certainly a feature to consider if you have any critter concerns around your home. The critter guard can, of course, be installed at a later date, but this runs the risk of allowing critters the time to establish nests under the solar array. If this happened, a lot more work would be required to install a critter guard - pest control would need to remove the animals and solar system repairs would likely be needed.


With these concerns in mind, it’s certainly worth considering critter guards to go along with your solar panel installation. They might cost a little extra, but they’re unobtrusive, aesthetically pleasing and they give real peace of mind for solar system owners.

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By Shane Croghan