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March 30, 2020

Virginia lawmakers have taken a big step on the path to a clean energy future for their state. In a bold statement of intent, a new bill has been passed in the state of Virginia which targets 100% clean energy by the year 2045.


The Virginia Clean Economy Act makes some big moves in the pursuit of a carbon-free future, and Virginia Governor Ralph Northam is eager to establish the state as a progressive force in the push toward a clean, green future for the United States.


The Virginia Clean Economy Act also targets the fossil fuel industry in its attempts to quell carbon emissions.


  • Coal Power Plants: Utility company Dominion must shut all 6 of its operating coal power plants by 2030.

  • Gas Power Plants: The utility gas plants throughout Virginia had already been scheduled to shut down by 2045, but the passing of the bill could speed up this process.


However, it’s important to note that the bill includes provisions for Virginia residents and communities who could be impacted negatively by the closure of these fossil fuel plants.


Unsurprisingly, the Virginia Clean Economy Act also pledges heavy support for renewable energy industries like solar and wind, with the potential creation of 13,000 jobs in those sectors. Thankfully, for Virginia residents interested in pursuing renewable energy projects, the Act also opens new avenues to solar power, both for residential and commercial customers, with expanded net metering and commercial paths.


Notably, in terms of energy storage targets, the much lauded New York goal of 3,000 MW has been outdone by Virginia’s new energy storage aim, which comes in at 3.1 GW. However, New York lawmakers still hold a slight edge in terms of pacing, as they are hoping to hit their target five years earlier than Virginia. New York is aiming for 3 GW by 2030, whereas the Virginia deadline is 2035.

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By Shane Croghan