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January 6, 2021

The Generac PWRcell is one of the highest-quality energy storage solutions on the market today, using the best equipment available to capture and store electricity generated by your solar panels. This stored energy can then be used during peak demand times, when electricity costs are higher, allowing you to save on energy costs by cutting down on your utility bills. On top of these savings, energy storage systems also provide a backup energy source in the event of a power outage. 

Generac is always working to improve the PWRcell experience for energy customers, and improvements have been made to the overall Generac experience, including positive developments for:

  • Generac PWRfleet

  • Generac PWRzone

  • Generac PWRcell

Below, we’ll take a look at the key features of these three technologies.

Generac PWRfleet

The Generac PWRfleet offers a simple, one-stop solution for solar installers, allowing for the organization, management, and coordination of all installations in once place. The PWRfleet dashboard provides a comprehensive overview of all projects, making it easier to identify and solve customer issues, while also highlighting potential opportunities for system improvements. Using the information available via PWRfleet, installers can reduce overall operations & maintenance costs through the elimination of unnecessary, costly site visits. Using the Generac PWRfleet, solar installers can:

  • View live site status

  • Monitor consumption

  • View solar production

  • Monitor storage

  • View component-level diagnostics

For an in-depth exploration of what the Generac PWRfleet has to offer, check out the detailed sell sheet, available here.

Generac PWRfleet Example

Generac PWRzone

Generac’s PWRzone controllers make it easier to monitor generator performance and diagnostics. The controllers offer detailed information and ease of use, quickly providing the data needed to monitor and control generation. Power Zone technology allows for both remote monitoring and remote generation control, while also allowing service technicians to keep an eye on generator performance and respond proactively to any issues which may arise. Key features of Generac PWRzone include:

  • Remote monitoring & customization control

  • Improved diagnostics & onboard self-help manuals

  • Connectivity & easy-to-use operator interface

  • Expandability

  • Opportunities for proactive maintenance

  • Improved reporting & log history

The images below outline the features and functionality of both the Power Zone Pro and the Power Zone Pro Sync compared to competing technologies. 

Power Zone Pro

Generac Power Zone Pro

Power Zone Pro Sync

Generac Power Zone Pro Sync

For further information about Generac’s Power Zone Pro controllers, check out the official Generac website here.

Generac PWRcell

The Generac PWRcell is one of the most powerful, advanced energy storage systems on the market today, offering up to 9 kW of continuous backup power. This is enough motor starting power to backup even larger loads, like air conditioners and well pumps. The PWRcell battery storage system is flexible, durable, and scalable. It can be installed indoors or outdoors in virtually any climate, and is configurable to meet different budgets, lifestyles, and energy requirements. The key benefits of solar-plus-storage with Generac PWRcell include:

  • Protection for your home & family during power outages

  • Storage of clean, green solar energy for use during peak demand times

  • Lower utility bills & reduced energy costs

  • Greater independence & autonomy from the grid

PWRcell also comes with an optional PWRview app, allowing consumers to monitor energy consumption and battery usage while also tracking energy expenditure and savings. For an in-depth understanding of how the Generac PWRcell works, and how it can benefit energy consumers, check out the full, detailed sell sheet at this link.

Generac PWRcell - How It Works

Westchester & Long Island, New York: Installer, Contractor, & Developer

Are you interested in Generac solar + energy storage in New York? YSG Solar serves the entire state of New York, including Westchester and Long Island, using only the highest-quality equipment—like this Generac technology—for our installations. In fact, YSG Solar was recently named one of the best Long Island solar installers by Build Solar.

Long Island and Westchester are two of the most popular NY locations for both solar panels and energy storage systems, so a solar-plus-storage project makes perfect sense for residents. There are a ton of reasons to go solar in New York, and even more reasons to couple solar panels with a battery storage system. To learn more about New York solar + energy storage, check out this article on our website.

Interested in solar-plus-storage? Reach out to YSG Solar now. YSG has been operating in the solar industry for over ten years, with tons of experience in providing energy storage systems alongside solar panel installations. To learn more, send us an email or call at 212.389.9215 today.

YSG Solar is a project development vehicle responsible for commoditizing energy infrastructure projects. We work with long-term owners and operators to provide clean energy assets with stable, predictable cash flows. YSG's market focus is distributed generation and utility-scale projects located within North America.



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