Commercial Solar Battery Storage
April 11, 2019

Commercial and industrial solar energy consumers have been reaping the rewards of solar panel installations for years now. In recent times, however, the benefits of solar energy have grown even greater - thanks to the rapidly increasing popularity of battery storage systems. These battery storage systems are especially beneficial when implemented alongside commercial and large-scale industrial solar systems. With this upward trajectory set to continue into the future, let’s take a look at how commercial solar battery storage works and the benefits it offers.


#1. Storage

The most obvious benefit of energy storage systems is, well, the ability to store energy! This ability to store energy can allow for a certain level of autonomy from the grid, as excess energy generated by your solar system can be stored on-site rather than being exported.


#2. Autonomy

Storage alone isn’t the biggest draw for these battery systems though. Instead, the main appeal is tied up in the level of energy independence allowed as a result of these storage capabilities. This autonomy allows owners of commercial solar battery storage systems to manage their energy in a way that protects them against interruptions, outages and cost fluctuations. The ability to store the energy generated during bright, sunny daylight hours means that businesses can then use this energy at night, during poor weather conditions, or at times when it is more expensive to draw energy from the larger grid.


#3. Environmental

For many going solar, a big part of the appeal is the environmentally-friendly nature of solar energy. Businesses, in particular, may be required to carefully monitor their levels of carbon emissions and commercial energy storage systems can assist with this. The ability to generate excess solar energy and store it for later use can greatly reduce, or even eliminate, any dependence on other non-renewable energy sources.


#4. Revenue

The level of autonomy allowed by a commercial solar battery storage system can allow businesses to reduce their energy costs. Indeed, in some cases, commercial energy storage systems are used almost exclusively as a means to generate additional revenue for the business concerned. A big reason for the recent spike in the popularity of commercial and industrial energy storage systems is the declining costs of such systems. As with most technology, increased investment in research and development has lead to more cost-efficient technology. This cost-efficiency, in most cases at least, is then passed onto the end consumer of the energy. In addition, the battery storage units are becoming smaller, more refined, and easier to install, leading to cheaper installation costs for customers.


Of course, before diving into a battery storage project, it’s important to ensure that your business is properly equipped to house a battery storage system and reap the full rewards of such an installation. You’ll need both adequate infrastructure and ability to connect to the electricity grid in order to benefit fully from a commercial battery storage system.


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By Shane Croghan