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January 31, 2020

Just like real estate all across the United States, the value of a solar farm lagely comes down to one main factor—location, location, location. Solar developers are targeting vacant greenfields and brownfields that are:


  • Relatively flat

  • Free of any environmental issues

  • Within 2 miles of a substation


Each solar MW/DC of a solar facility takes up about 5 acres of land. Solar farms are connected to either a distribution system, or a transmission system, depending on the size of the solar facility.


As a solar developer, YSG Solar will identify how much land is available, and also what type of electrical infrastructure is available.


Solar Farm Example 1


  • 35 acres of vacant land in New York State

  • 500 ft of a 13.2 kV three-phase electrical feeder

  • 2 miles away from a 69 kV primary and 13.2 kV secondary distribution substation


The above site is an example of a potentially viable solar distributed generation project.


Solar Farm Example 2


  • 2,000 acres of vacant land in Texas

  • 2 miles away from a substation connecting to a 115 kV transmission line


How Many MWs Per Feeder?

This is a very complex question and the answer depends on numerous variables associated with the transmission and distribution system you are attempting to connect to. 


Distribution Three-Phase Feeder: Rules of Thumb For A Solar Farm


  • 13.2 kV Feeder — do not exceed 10 MW per feeder

  • 4.8 kV Feeder — do not exceed 1 MW per feeder

Stay tuned! Next time we will discuss how to site utility-scale energy storage projects—specifically lithium-ion energy storage systems with a 4-hour duration.

If you’re interested in leasing your land for a solar farm, contact YSG Solar today. We take care of the whole process from start to finish, helping you to generate extra revenue as soon as possible. Send us an email, or call at 212.389.9215.