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August 20, 2021

As oil industry markets continue to fall, countries around the world have shifted their attention to a more sustainable future. The global energy crisis continues to challenge politicians and world leaders to make more informed decisions regarding the futures of their countries once fossil fuels have been depleted. The surge in the use of renewable energy sources has proven that there is a sustainable and self-sufficient way for consumers to reap the environmental and economic benefits of clean energy.

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Causes of the Global Energy Crisis

Before evaluating how renewable energy sources can resolve the energy crisis, it is important to note its underlying causes:

#1. Overconsumption

The global reliance on natural resources is of huge concern for the future of energy resources. Overconsumption of non-renewable energy sources has contributed massively to the depletion of fossil fuel resources. According to projections, oil sources will be virtually exhausted in an estimated 40 to 60 years at the current rate of consumption.

#2. Overpopulation

The energy crisis also ties in with another humanitarian issue—overpopulation. As the global population is projected to increase to 10 billion people by 2050, the demand for stable energy sources to accommodate such masses of people will exponentially adjust. With the depletion of natural resources, alternative energy sources such as solar and wind will emerge as more reliable sources of energy.

#3. Inadequate Infrastructure

The use of inadequate power generating equipment also contributes largely to the shortage of energy. Utility companies have continued to use outdated instruments that do not provide the optimal level of energy that is needed. Therefore, the installation of renewable energy equipment is necessary to keep up with the demand for energy around the world.

#4. Energy Waste

Energy conservation is an important responsibility that, unfortunately, not all individuals prioritize. Energy waste refers to the unnecessary use of fuels and electricity that contributes to the overall depletion of generated energy. 

How Do These Factors Affect Me?

Although fossil fuel shortages are projected to take place in the coming decades, the environmental and economic effects of the energy crisis are occurring in today’s society. Greenhouse gas emissions from non-renewable sources have contributed vastly to global warming and have direct ties to the current environmental crisis. The widespread use of fossil fuels comes with the devastating effects of pollution and the endangerment of biodiversity.

The inevitable crash of non-renewable energy markets will pose a greater issue to the global economy. Especially with US reliance on oil imports, the energy crisis calls for less dependence on fossil fuels to better serve the American population.

Wind and Solar Power

Why is Solar Energy Considered the Future?

There are a number of reasons why solar is considered a key component in our clean energy future—below we have briefly examined 4 of these reasons.

#1. Environmentally Friendly 

Solar energy, along with other renewable energy sources, is considered a promising tool for mitigation of the energy crisis. Solar energy is a clean, green source of energy that reduces your overall carbon footprint. Environmentally, solar does not emit any greenhouse gases and can be utilized by nearly any household.

#2. Improves Public Health

Air & water pollution caused by non-renewable energy sources is linked with breathing difficulties, neurological injuries, heart attacks, cancer, and many other serious health issues. Clean energy solutions greatly reduce emissions from air and water pollution, leading to improvements in overall public health.

#3. Inexhaustible Source of Energy

Solar panels require essentially no natural resources other than the use of the sun as a free source of energy. From the day of installation, solar panels will generate energy for decades to come.

#4. Reduced Reliance on Foreign Imports

The US reliance on petroleum imports from foreign countries poses a significant issue in the coming years. Utilizing clean energy sources that can be installed on US soil would greatly increase US energy independence and provide a more sustainable solution for the American people.

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YSG Solar is a project development company responsible for commoditizing energy infrastructure projects. We work with long-term owners and operators to provide clean energy assets with stable, predictable cash flows. YSG's market focus is distributed generation and utility-scale projects located within North America.



Featured Photo by Derek Sutton on Unsplash.