Electric Car
May 15, 2019

Electric car owners in Illinois could be in for quite a shock if a newly proposed piece of legislation comes to pass. The bill, HB 3233, includes the proposed measure of an annual $1,000 registration fee for EVs. A considerable jump from the current fee - $17.50.


The purpose of the proposed bill is the accumulation of funding for a new state infrastructure plan and the increased fees aren’t just targeted toward EVs, they’re across the board. Also included is a huge increase on gas taxes, up from 19 cents per gallon to 44 cents per gallon. For all the other measures included, the staggering increase in the EV registration fee stands out above the rest. It’s important to note, also, that this fee would not apply to hybrid vehicles, but only to all-electric vehicles.


Many in the automobile industry have suggested that this fee has been put forward to counter the lack of gas taxes generated from electric vehicles, with some also going on to suggest that the proposed fee is completely at odds with the state’s push towards lower carbon emissions.


This disproportionate targeting of electric vehicles would likely disincentivize consumers from purchasing an electric car from the likes of Tesla and Rivian. Both companies have stated their opposition to the bill. With the automobile industry broadly looking toward electric vehicles as the way forward, this proposed bill seems to stand against the future many had imagined and, indeed, hoped for.


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By Shane Croghan