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January 7, 2022

Nonprofit advocacy organization Vote Solar has released an infographic detailing the impact of its work in 2021. From increased demand for solar panel installations, to job creation and reduced carbon emissions, the work of nonprofit organizations like Vote Solar is playing a significant role in moving the United States toward a clean energy future. Below, we have highlighted some of the key figures and statistics from the Vote Solar infographic. You can download the full infographic here to learn more about the organization’s work in 2021.

The Impact of Vote Solar in 2021

According to the infographic, the collaborative work of thousands of Vote Solar members and countless donors led to 33 distinct wins for the organization in 2021, impacting 42% of the population and protecting the rights of 1.1 million rooftop solar customers nationwide. Key figures arising from this work include:

  • 43,782 MW of demand for new solar.

  • 4,259 MW of this demand reserved for low-income communities.

  • This is the equivalent of powering 8.7 million households with carbon-free energy.

  • This demand will lead to 500,000 jobs in the solar sector.

It’s not just the direct impact on the solar industry that is worth highlighting either, the work of Vote Solar has led to significant positive impacts on our environment and, as a result, our collective health.

  • 50 million tons of carbon dioxide per year has been avoided.

  • This reduction in carbon dioxide emissions will create $2.6 billion in public health benefits each year.

  • This figure is the equivalent of taking 10 million cars off the road.

  • Furthermore, the construction of 5,012 MW of new gas plants has been prevented, while 263 MW of existing gas plants have been closed.

You can view the full infographic below or click here to download a copy.

Vote Solar 2021 Impact

What is Vote Solar?

Vote Solar is a nonprofit advocacy organization. Its mission is to make solar more accessible and affordable across the United States. The organization works at state-level in 27 states, using policy expertise, coalition building, and public engagement to strive towards an equitable, 100% clean energy future for all. You can learn more about Vote Solar here.

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