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March 17, 2022

NYSERDA has released an FAQ for the Inclusive Community Solar Adder (ICSA)—an incentive available under the NY-Sun Program which supports CDG projects serving LMI subscribers and DACs. Below, you’ll find a link to download the full FAQ as well as the answers to some of the most common questions about the ICSA.

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Inclusive Community Solar Adder FAQ

The full Inclusive Community Solar Adder (ICSA) Frequently Asked Questions, released on August 26, 2021, is available to download here on the YSG website. Alternatively, you can view the FAQ on NYSERDA’s Resources for Contractors webpage. The ICSA FAQ can be found under the heading ‘Inclusive Community Solar Adder Resources’, along with other information about the incentive and how it works. The following questions and answers are based on information available here on the NYSERDA website.

What is the Inclusive Community Solar Adder?

The Inclusive Community Solar Adder (ICSA) is an incentive available under the NY-Sun Program. The ICSA is available to CDG projects which serve low-to-moderate income (LMI) subscribers, affordable housing, and other facilities which serve disadvantaged communities (DACs). 

What is the Purpose of the Inclusive Community Solar Adder?

The ICSA was created with the aim of increasing access to community solar and the associated utility bill savings for LMI households, as well as reducing operating costs for affordable housing and nonprofit organizations serving DACs.

What Projects are Eligible for the Inclusive Community Solar Adder?

In order to qualify as eligible for the Inclusive Community Solar Adder, a project must meet the following criteria.

  • Metered as CDG.

  • Meets the requirements of the NY-Sun Commercial/Industrial or NY-Sun Nonresidential incentive program.

  • “Approved” status (new projects are required to submit a NY-Sun incentive application and have that application approved prior to submitting an ICSA application).

  • No less than 20 percent of project capacity dedicated to eligible residential subscribers.

Please note that projects in the PSEG-Long Island territory are not eligible for the ICSA. With the exception of the Multifamily Affordable Housing Adder, projects may receive the ICSA in addition to any other NY-Sun incentives/adders for which they qualify.

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