Leasing Your Roof for Solar: What to Consider
October 16, 2018

Solar panel installation has steadily become more and more popular over the years, and with this surging interest in renewable energy looking likely to continue in the future, there is more demand than ever for roof space to host solar panels. Here at YSG, we always advise that potential solar customers buy their system outright, but if you’re interested in joining the solar community for purposes other than your own personal solar consumption, then there are options available. It's certainly possible for you to rent out your roof space for the panels. The interested party rents the roof space, then one or more off-takers - generally parties who lack the resources for solar consumption on their own properties - are fed the energy produced by the solar array on the roof.


Of course, when you consider leasing your roof for solar panels, there are a number of different factors that you must take into account.


First of all - this might seem like a very obvious point, but it's important to state - both parties involved in the potential lease must be certain that they have a long-term interest moving forward with the project. Also, there should be mutual assurances that any future plans concerning the property will not impede or prohibit the performance of the solar system or affect the property owner in the future. Another seemingly obvious point regards ownership of the roof - the party leasing the roof must have full legal control over the roof space and be capable of granting permission for rental.


A primary concern, of course, will be the condition of your roof. Generally, an experienced solar provider will assess the condition of the roof and ascertain that the roof is capable of supporting the solar array for the duration of the agreed lease. If the roof is older, or lacks the necessary structural integrity, then it’s possible that the party renting the roof may wish to carry out structural work ahead of the solar panel installation.


Additionally, other factors concerning the site will need to be taken into account as part of any potential leasing process. The conditions of the area with regards to shading, weather issues, environmental restrictions, and even the potential of flooding, should also be factored into the decision process.


In addition to the financial boon of leasing your roof space for solar panels, it’s also a convenient process for the individual leasing their roof - the site owner shouldn't be obligated take care of the solar equipment or handle any maintenance required for the site. In most instances, the party leasing the roof for solar production will be an experienced member of the solar industry, more than capable of managing the project and ensuring clean, efficient installation and maintenance of the array.  Aside from the financial benefit, and the convenience of the process, the leasing of your roof space for solar panels is also a simple, unobtrusive way to support renewable energy and help fight for a greener world.


At the end of day, when you agree to lease your roof for solar panels, it’s important to remember that your main concern is your own property first and foremost, and that it should be made clear in advance of the project that any maintenance work necessary in future will be the obligation of the party renting the roof space.


So, once you’ve taken all of this in, and weighed up your options, you can consider helping yourself and the environment by leasing your roof for solar panels.

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By Shane Croghan