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June 28, 2019

We’ve spoken about Long Island solar on this blog plenty of times before - and with good reason - but today it’s time to look at Long Island from a commercial solar perspective. Residential solar panel installations often spring to mind first, but commercial solar has a host of wonderful benefits as well. It’s no surprise that Long Island has been a popular YSG Solar location for residential and commercial installations alike. If you own a business on Long Island and you want to learn about the benefits of solar, read on.


#1. Lower Costs

If you own a business on Long Island you’re likely all too aware of your monthly energy bill. Utility costs in New York are among the highest in the United States and this doesn’t look like changing anytime soon. You, however, can make some changes. A commercial solar installation is a great way to massively reduce or, in some cases, even entirely offset your electric bill each month. In turn, this will reduce your operating costs and allow you to focus that much-needed energy elsewhere as you develop your business. 


#2. Smart Investment

Solar is a smart investment. The initial outlay can seem daunting, but it’s clear that a commercial solar installation pays off over time through the savings allowed. In fact, the number of incredible incentives and rebates on offer mean that it doesn’t even take a particularly long time to start seeing this great return on investment. If you avail of the federal investment tax credit (ITC), for example, you can deduct up to 30% of the cost of install on your federal tax return. Unfortunately, 2019 is the final year of this full 30% rate before the ITC begins to step down, so now is the time to invest for the greatest rewards!


#3. Easy Install

Much like the investment, the actual process of installing solar panels on Long Island may seem daunting at first. Thankfully, like the investment, it’s actually a breeze. Commercial solar installs are simple, straightforward and unobtrusive, with no impact on your day-to-day business and plenty of impact on your electric bill. The systems are extremely durable and require minimal maintenance, with warranties generally upwards of twenty years. Once installation is complete - a very quick process - you’re set for decades to come.


#4. Higher Property Value

Solar panel installations have been shown to boost property values on Long Island and across the US. Whether it’s residential or commercial, properties with solar installed command a higher price and get snapped up quicker when they do go on the market. For those investing in a new property, the immediate reduction in utility bills thanks to solar is a big draw during a potentially stressful time. 


#5. Better Image

Climate change is a hot topic in conversations across the United States, from the dinner table to the presidential debates. It’s not going away anytime soon and it’s clear that solar will play a big role in the future of our energy consumption. A commercial solar installation shows positive intent from your business, builds goodwill with the Long Island community, and could even attract prospective employees to your company. A commercial solar installation reduces your carbon footprint and boosts your public image all at once, what’s not to love?

So, with all these benefits, maybe you’re interested? If so, contact YSG Solar here, or call the office at 212.389.9215 to speak about commercial solar on Long Island.

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By Shane Croghan