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October 27, 2020

Long Island is one of the most popular solar locations in the state of New York and bodies like NYSERDA, NYSEIA, and PSEG-LI are consistently developing programs and initiatives to ensure that solar continues to thrive on Long Island. Some of the latest news includes updates on community solar, energy storage, and the plan to achieve New York’s climate goals.

Recommendations for PSEG-LI’s Utility 2.0 Long Range Plan

In response to PSEG-Long Island’s 2020 Utility 2.0 Long Range Plan, the New York Solar Energy Industries Association (NYSEIA) and the Long Island Solar & Storage Alliance (LISSA), have submitted a number of recommendations, including the following:

  • A distributed solar deployment target of 1.2 GW-DC by 2025 for Long Island—not the peak load-based CLCPA proportional target of 750 MW-DC.

  • The establishment of a clear roadmap to both the 2030 and the 2040 Climate Leadership and Community Protection Act (CLCPA) mandates of 70% and 100% electric decarbonization, including publicly available tracking of progress towards these goals.

  • Increased LIPA and PSEG-LI investments in distributed solar and community solar.

  • Investments in distribution infrastructure in order to expand the hosting capacity of Long Island distributed generation.

  • Marketing and education investments relating to community solar awareness and adoption.

  • Support for customer-sited energy storage initiatives, wherein the customer/third-party owns the energy storage system.

  • Support for the inclusion of solar PV, storage, and CDG products/services in PSEG-LI’s proposed Enhanced Marketplace program. This is providing that PSEG-LI/LIPA does not own these devices. 

The Community Credit & a Community Adder Update

PSEG-LI’s proposed community adder for 2021 is set at $200/kW-DC with a $1.2 million budget as part of their Energy Efficiency and Demand Response (EEDR) plan. PSEG-LI plans on maintaining the community adder throughout 2021. The Community Credit extension, which is tied to the 2% Value of Distributed Energy Resources (VDER) net revenue impact, is currently under review for 2021.

CBC Charge Status

Beginning in January 2022, LIPA is proposing to levy a fixed $/kW-month charge for both residential and on-site commercial distributed generation below 750 kW-AC. This is in line with a PSC Order for the rest of New York State. Following LIPA’s initial calculations, the proposal is set at a rate of ~$1/kW-month for residential and small commercial PV projects alike. LIPA will be posting a formal proposal with a 60-day comment period for stakeholders.

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Photo by Sanel Selava on Unsplash.