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October 16, 2019

New Jersey has set its sights on a clean energy future with a number of diverse incentives and initiatives. Back in May 2018, Governor Phil Murphy signed legislation targeting 100% clean energy for New Jersey by 2050. With this ambitious target now signed into law, the New Jersey Board of Public Utilities’ Clean Energy Program has been working to develop a pathway to 100% clean energy for NJ.


Community Solar Pilot Program

The Community Solar Pilot Program, which opens up the benefits of solar energy for New Jersey residents unable to install panels on their property, is underway. We covered the program in detail on one of our previous blog posts—here. The application window for Year One of the program ended back on September 9, resulting in a very impressive 252 applications. This level of interest certainly signals a bright future for community solar in New Jersey.


Offshore Wind

A huge offshore wind project marks another big step along the pathway to 100% clean energy in the state of New Jersey. The 1,100 MW wind project, named Ocean Wind, was recently awarded to Danish power company Ørsted—making it the largest single-state offshore wind solicitation in the United States. Some of the other figures surrounding the project are impressive too:

  • Will power roughly 500,000 homes

  • Will generate $1.17 billion in economic benefits for New Jersey

  • Will create 15,000 jobs over the project’s lifespan


The Ocean Wind project will contribute significantly to the overall state goal of 3,500 MW of offshore wind by 2030.


Enhanced Incentives For Energy Efficiency

On top of the huge offshore wind and community solar projects, New Jersey has also been working to develop enhanced initiatives for improved energy efficiency. The reduction of energy use across the state will have a big part to play in it’s clean energy future. Notable clean energy incentives include:


  • Commercial, Industrial & Municipal:

    • Up to double the incentives for buildings in Urban Enterprise Zones/Opportunity Zones & municipal/school projects.

    • Up to 80% of the cost of direct install measures for municipalities, K-12 public schools, and customers located in Urban Enterprise Zones/Opportunity Zones.


  • Residential

    • New rebates for Energy Star products from July 1, 2019.

    • Air purifiers—$50 rebate.

    • Dehumidifiers—$25 rebate.

    • Air conditioners—$15 rebate.


Further details of these Energy Star rebate opportunities are available online—here.

To pursue your own clean energy future, contact YSG today at 212.389.9215 and learn how much you could save by going solar.


By Shane Croghan