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July 29, 2021

New York Governor Andrew Cuomo has announced the launch of the Inclusive Community Solar Adder (ICSA) program. The ICSA makes $52.5 million available for community solar projects which support underserved citizens and disadvantaged communities (DACs) throughout the State. Additionally, the ICSA will contribute to the realization of the goals outlined in the Climate Leadership and Community Protection Act (CLCPA)

Projects developed with funding from the ICSA are expected to serve up to 50,000 low- to moderate-income (LMI) households, affordable housing providers, and facilities serving DACs. These New Yorkers will avail of bill savings arising from the clean, renewable energy generated by the ICSA-funded community solar projects. The launch of the ICSA program reflects the commitment of NY to further deploy renewable energy throughout the state and push towards the goals mandated by the CLCPA. These CLCPA goals include:

  • 85% Reduction in GHG Emissions by 2050

  • 100% Zero-emission Electricity by 2040

  • 70% Renewable Energy by 2030

  • 9,000 MW of Offshore Wind by 2035

  • 3,000 MW of Energy Storage by 2030

  • 6,000 MW of Solar by 2025

  • 22 Million Tons of Carbon Reduction through Energy Efficiency & Electrification

  • Reinvestment in Disadvantaged Communities

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ICSA Applications

Applications for the Inclusive Community Solar Adder Program can be submitted through the online portal here. During the initial application period—up to and including August 31, 2021—applications will be queued based on interconnection date. Subsequent applications will be reviewed on a first-come, first-served basis. 

Revisions to NY-Sun Program Manual

Following this announcement, there have been a number of revisions to the NY-Sun Program Manual, including:

  • Additional language to indicate that the Commercial/Industrial MW blocks have been fully allocated. However, C/I Projects can still apply for the following:

    • Landfill/Brownfield Incentive Adder

    • Remaining Community Adder for Orange & Rockland and Central Hudson

    • Inclusive Community Solar Adder

  • Additional language to note that larger projects— i.e. C/I projects over 750 kW— cannot subdivide for the purpose of earning a higher nonresidential incentive.

  • Additional language stating that RNM/RC does not need a customer. CDG projects without the Community Adder can convert to RC.

  • Updated and expanded details about the requirements for CDG projects on application and invoice.

The Pitkin Project: New York City Community Solar

The Pitkin Project is a community solar garden located in East Brooklyn, open to residential subscribers from all five New York City boroughs. You are eligible to sign up and save on your utility bills if you’re a residential energy user in:

  • Brooklyn

  • Manhattan

  • Queens

  • Staten Island

  • The Bronx

To learn more about The Pitkin Project and NYC community solar, watch our short video below, or consult our community solar FAQ.


If you’re interested in New York community solar then reach out today. YSG will identify the ideal community solar project for your needs and guide you through the entire subscription process to guarantee the best savings on your utility bill each month. Call now at 212.389.9215 or send us an email to learn more.

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