New York Skyline
May 13, 2019

New York has established itself as one of the nation’s energy leaders as we push toward renewable, sustainable sources and it has further established this position with the announcement of new regulations relating to coal power plants. The new rules set the intention of phasing out coal burning plants by the end of 2020.


Governor Andrew Cuomo pledged a 2020 coal free target back in 2016 and these new regulatory moves look set to push the state toward that goal. According to the most recent data available, New York generates less than one percent of its energy from coal. In addition, only a handful of coal burning plants actually remain active in the state. Across the United States, hundreds of coal plants have closed in the past decade, with some turning to natural gas as a coal alternative.


This regulatory action from New York, along with proposed regulation to restrict NOx (nitrogen oxide) emissions, falls under the umbrella of New York’s 2018 Clean Energy Jobs and Climate Agenda. Back in December, as part of the Green New Deal, Governor Cuomo pledged that the state would be powered by one hundred percent clean energy by 2040. This regulatory action on coal burning is another positive step toward a future where renewable, sustainable energy is the norm and, once more, New York has marked itself out as a national leader in progressive energy policy.


Of course, solar will play a huge role in the push toward a renewable future, with a number of exciting solar announcements for New York appearing in recent times.


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By Shane Croghan