New York Transport Hubs Set To Install Solar
May 1, 2019

A number of transport hubs and depots across New York City will see the installation of rooftop solar panels in the near future, thanks to a new plan from the Metropolitan Transport Authority (MTA). The new initiative will serve to generate some much-needed revenue for the MTA and, importantly, signal positive intent with regard to the city’s energy practices moving forward.


Last month (April 2019), the MTA began requesting bids on a number of properties, with hopes to expand to further properties in the future. The MTA has identified over one hundred properties, adding up to a cumulative roof space of 10 million square feet, as potential locations for rooftop solar installations. Utilized correctly, these spaces could generate over 100 megawatts of electricity for New Yorkers. That’s enough to power 18,000 households.


The MTA plans to generate revenue by leasing these properties to solar companies who would then install the panels and sell the generated electricity back to the municipal grid. The RFPs for seven initial properties, fittingly, went live on Earth Day - April 22. If all goes according to plan for the MTA, rooftop solar on these seven properties will mark the beginning of a lucrative new revenue stream, as well as another positive step for renewable, sustainable energy sources in New York City.


Below, you’ll find details of the seven properties comprising the first round of this exciting MTA initiative:


  • Ulmer Park Bus Depot | NYCT Department of Buses
  • Queens Village Bus Depot | NYCT Department of Buses
  • Coney Island Maintenance Facility | NYCT Department of Subways
  • Jamaica Maintenance Facility | NYCT Department of Subways
  • Hillside Support Facility | Long Island Rail Road
  • Cortlandt Station Parking Lot | Metro-North Railroad
  • Wassaic Station Operations Lot | Metro-North Railroad

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By Shane Croghan