March 18, 2018

NYC's Incentives For Solar Panels

Picture this: you’ve recently purchased your first home with your spouse. It’s an investment that the both of you have considered for quite some time now. Since your dream has become a reality, you want to make sure that you’re taking advantage of your new property. Your friends have discussed their journey with going solar. The panels on their homes intrigued you but you never thought that it was something you could afford. After some deep consideration, you hop on the internet and look for affordable solar panel installation companies. As the prices range in the tens of thousands, you get nervous and start to back out until you see three words: solar tax rebate

For example, say you’re interested in getting a 10 kW solar panel system. One kW is equal to 1,000 watts. Currently NYS offers under the NY-SUN program rebates based on the wattage of your system.

Let’s look at an example from an actual YSG Solar installation project:


taxrelief.png .

Going solar has many benefits such as seeing a reduction in your energy bill and reducing your carbon blueprint. Solar panel systems have the ability of paying for itself as the years progress. It is important to get a system now if your serious about this , New York's incentive amounts are decreasing.



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