Panasonic Solar Panels, YSG Solar
August 12, 2019

Panasonic, who already offer a very impressive 25-year warranty for their solar panels, have extended this warranty even further. Panasonic will now extend this 25-year warranty to cover performance and labor warranty on all Panasonic AC modules. This is in addition to the 25-year microinverter warranty already offered by Enphase. 


The intention behind this move concerns the streamlining of the overall warranty claims process. Homeowners will no longer have to determine the correct warranty claims avenue by themselves. Instead of wondering whether they should contact Panasonic or Enphase in the event of a module/microinverter claims issue, homeowners can now direct their attention solely to Panasonic — who will be dealing with all claims and fulfilment for components. 


On top of this, labor is also comprehensively covered for qualified installers. This addition, exclusively for authorized and premium installers, bolsters Panasonic’s range of tools and warranty offerings available to partners. 


This streamlining of the warranty process for AC modules further establishes Panasonic as an industry-leader when it comes to reliability and performance of solar equipment. Prior to this new streamlined approach, Panasonic had already offered a stellar 25-year warranty, while guaranteeing 91% of rated power across the warranty term — a notably high figure. 


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By Shane Croghan


Featured Image Courtesy of Panasonic