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September 11, 2020

The energy storage sector is set to receive a big boost from Pacific Gas and Electric Company (PG&E), who are planning to bring 423 MW of new lithium-ion battery storage projects online by 2021. Following the announcement of these new projects, PG&E has now awarded contracts for battery storage totaling over 1,000 MW of capacity through to 2023.

The implementation of energy storage systems will allow for further deployment of renewable energy technologies like solar, while also ensuring grid reliability throughout the PG&E service area.

This 423 MW total will be spread across five energy storage projects, all using lithium-ion batteries with a four-hour discharge duration. Some of the systems will be co-located with solar or geothermal, while others will be part of new energy storage projects. 

  • Diablo Energy Storage: Located in Contra Costa County, comprising three separate fifteen-year agreements for a total of 150 MW.

  • Dynegy Marketing and Trade: A ten-year agreement for 100 MW, located in Moss Landing, California (Monterey County).

  • Gateway Energy Storage: A fifteen-year agreement for 50 MW, located in San Diego.

  • NextEra Energy Resources Development, LLC: A fifteen-year agreement for 63 MW, located in Blythe, California (Riverside County).

  • Coso Battery Storage: A fifteen year-agreement for 60 MW, located in Little Lake, California (Inyo County).

As of May 2020, the target is to have each of these projects online by August 2021.

Solar Panels, Solar Farm, YSG Solar

Of course, these aren’t the first energy storage projects developed by PG&E, who have incorporated battery storage into their energy repertoire on many occasions over the years. Other storage projects implemented by PG&E in the past include:

  • The Helms Hydroelectric Facility

  • Vacaville Substation (2 MW battery)

  • Yerba Buena (4 MW battery)

  • Browns Valley Substation (first PG&E lithium-ion storage system)

If you’re interested in an energy storage system for your home or business, then reach out to YSG Solar today. YSG is vastly experienced in the installation of battery storage systems alongside solar panel installations. Send us an email, or call at 212.389.9215 to get started, or just learn a little more.

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