August 7, 2018

Do you live on Long Island?

Long Island is a densely populated island consisting of more than seven and a half million citizens. Aside from the citizens that are powered by solar energy, citizens may have to pay higher electricity rates.

Long Island residents are angered that the already high electricity rates may get even higher.


NYISO – The New York Independent System Operator

The NYISO, the operator which runs the state power grid, has brought some new proposals to the table. These proposals can potentially mandate LIPA to increase its storage of backup electricity in case of emergencies.

This will cost customers an additional 2% on their bill, which would come out to roughly $3 more a month.

PSEG Long Island, working in LIPA’s power operation, says that there is ample power available without the increased rates and that Long Island’s excess power can last until 2038.

These proposals are unnecessary for Long Island and are economically unfair to its paying citizens. This is why LIPA is working to get the proposals rejected.

Some are saying that the best solution to these high rates and spikes is to go solar.

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