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January 13, 2022

Solar panels work all year round, turning the sun’s rays into energy for our homes and businesses. However, some of you may be wondering what can be done to prepare for winter weather conditions such as snow. Those responsible for the maintenance and operations of commercial rooftop solar systems can take certain steps to prepare for snow falling on their solar panels. 

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What to do About Snow on a Commercial Rooftop Solar System

Below are a few suggestions for how you can tackle snow on commercial rooftop solar systems and prepare for snowfall in these colder months.

  • The facility manager should conduct a visual structural inspection of any roofs or canopies with solar panels.

  • All roof drains should be cleared of any obstructions that hinder drainage.

  • Any debris, such as leaves, dirt, etc., should be cleared from roof drains or downspouts.

  • It should be ensured that roof drains will allow water to flow when melting of the snow occurs.

These are the key measures which a facility manager should undertake in preparation for snowfall. Further measures to consider include:

  • Using cameras for remote monitoring of snow accumulation and melting.

  • Maintaining access to all solar and rooftop equipment at the site. This includes inverters, switchgear, combiner boxes, HVAC units, fans, etc.

  • Prohibiting snow from being plowed into, or around, inverters.

  • Maintaining clear walking aisles between the solar panels.

  • Making sure that facility personnel do not use outside ladders in icy weather conditions.

Commercial Rooftop Solar Panels, YSG Solar

If you have any other concerns regarding the potential impact of inclement weather conditions on your solar PV system, it is best to speak with the solar installer and/or structural engineer as they will be familiar with the specific requirements of your commercial facility. Nonetheless, the suggestions outlined above are courtesy of PSE&G and should give you a solid basis in preparation for snow on a commercial rooftop solar system.

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