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February 4, 2020

If you’ve got property with vacant roof space then renting your roof for solar is a great way to make some extra money. Of course, most residential property owners will be better suited to a traditional rooftop solar installation, but for owners of larger properties, and commercial properties, renting the roof for solar could be the way to go. The first step to renting your rooftop for solar is finding an established, experienced solar developer to handle the project. So, if you do have some empty roof space going to waste, reach out to YSG Solar today and learn how much you could earn by renting your roof for solar


How Does Renting Your Roof For Solar Work?

Space for large solar arrays is in high demand at the moment, and will likely remain in high demand as the energy sector pivots towards renewable energy sources moving forward into 2020 and beyond. With this in mind, it’s no surprise that solar developers are eager to find suitable roof space to install solar panels. When you rent your roof for solar, an energy developer will pay you an annual fixed-rate rent for permission to generate solar energy on your rooftop. All you need is some spare roof space.


What’s more, the solar developer will take on all responsibility for the project, alleviating you of any pressures around financing, costs, operations, maintenance or anything else. The developer takes charge of project development, you just need to provide the roof space. On top of this, you will receive a portion of the profits generated by the solar array sitting on your roof. 


What Are The Benefits of Solar Roof Rental?


  • Save Time, Save Money: When you rent your roof solar, you don’t have to worry about building and maintaining a solar system yourself. At YSG Solar, we handle the entire process⁠—financing, installation, maintenance, operations⁠—so you can save time and money and just focus on your business. 

  • Don’t Rely on the Weather: The sun might come and go, but your payment remains consistent. Solar roof rental ensures a fixed-rate payment, regardless of weather conditions or energy generation at different points in the year. 

  • Be Flexible With Your Finances: Solar developers seeking to rent your roof space⁠—like YSG Solar⁠—can structure your payments to suit your needs, ensuring that your business can continue to operate at optimal levels throughout the solar roof rental process. 

  • Extra Assistance: In addition, if you choose YSG Solar, we will always be there to assist you with any concerns relating to your solar panels. We’ll keep you informed about the energy generation of your system, helping you to understand how solar energy works and why it’s a boost for both the environment and your business. A commitment to renewable, clean solar energy can not only generate revenue, it can also generate a lot of goodwill in the community.


What If I Sell The Property?

If you decide to sell the property during the solar lease term, that’s totally fine. It’s simply a matter of transferring the solar lease agreement to the new property owner, much like any other typical lease arrangement. Indeed, your property may even become more attractive to prospective buyers as a result of the solar lease. The idea of acquiring a new property which is already generating consistent revenue could be a real draw for those looking to buy. 


Could My Roof Be Damaged During Installation?

No, your roof will be safe in the hands of experienced solar contractors. In fact, if you have a flat roof, it may even be possible to install the solar panels without penetrating the roof at all. This is achieved by using a ballasted mounting system for the solar array. Ballasted mounting means that the solar equipment is weighed down to hold it in place, rather than penetrating the roof to secure the panels. Either way, your roof will be examined ahead of installation to ensure that it is suitable for the project before any work occurs. 


Above all, if you’re interested in renting your roof for solar you should do your research, speak to a reputable solar developer, and be certain that you want to enter a solar roof lease. Renting your roof for solar is a long-term investment and if you go about it the right way, you could be seeing the rewards of your solar roof lease for years to come. 

If you’re interested in renting your roof for solar panels, contact YSG Solar today. We take care of the whole process from start to finish so you can start earning extra income right away. For a project like this, it’s important to choose an established solar developer, with experience in financing and O&M—YSG Solar has been in business for over ten years. Send us an email, or call us at 212.389.9215 to get started, or just learn a little more.



By Shane Croghan