YSG Battery Storage New York
April 4, 2019

The solar industry has seen consistent technological breakthroughs across the past couple of decades. Increased investment in the research and development of solar has not only led to the creation of innovative technology, but it has also made the technology affordable for consumers. One such piece of revolutionary, cost-efficient technology is the solar battery. Solar battery storage allows solar system owners to conserve their excess energy. This is achieved by connecting the battery to a solar system and later using the excess energy generated by the system. This stored energy can then be utilised after the sun goes down, during a power outage, at times when energy demand is peaking, or at any other time when the panels aren’t operating at peak efficiency. Solar panels are extremely efficient and durable, and you’ll more than make up for off-peak periods across the span of an entire year, but a battery storage system offers peace of mind.


Solar battery storage is most commonly found alongside solar arrays on residential and commercial properties. In the past, a comprehensive battery storage system might have been exclusionary for many customers because of both size and cost. Thankfully, recent innovation has decreased both the size and the cost of battery storage systems, making it a real viable option for solar customers. Of course, if you’re adding battery storage to your solar panel installation, there will be an additional cost incurred, but the excellent financial incentives and rebates available will help to offset this massively. At YSG Solar, we have found that our customers are more than happy to invest in battery storage, owing to the unprecedented level of energy independence it offers them. For those who want that extra freedom, and a sense of energy security, battery storage is the way to go.


If you’re a New York resident then you’ll be hearing even more about battery storage in the near future, thanks to Governor Cuomo’s REV (Reforming the Energy Vision) strategy. This strategy will see New York City committing wholeheartedly to the use of renewable energy sources moving forward and solar energy will play a huge part. How does solar energy storage factor into this? Well, a major component of REV is NY-SUN. This will offer incentives for solar battery storage installed as part of both residential and commercial solar systems across New York. Solar battery storage has already become significantly more cost-efficient in recent years and this trend looks set to continue thanks to NY-SUN.


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