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August 2, 2019

With the popularity of healthy and sustainable living on the rise, people are looking to reduce their waste — and by waste they don’t just mean trash. Carbon waste and carbon footprinting is one of the biggest reasons for our environmental issues. This is why solar development and solar land leasing are important. Developing a solar farm with solar developers allows access to clean energy for all. Clean energy is important if we want to reduce our carbon footprint and give a better earth to our families and future generations. 


What is a Solar Developer? 

To put it simply, a solar developer is a company that turns your solar farm dreams into a reality. Solar developers find the best sites and technologies to develop the most effective solar panel project for their clients


What do Solar Developers Do? 

With increasing demand for clean energy around the country, people are keen to learn how they can help decrease carbon emissions. This is where solar developers come in. Solar developers help customers who want to switch from fossil fuels to solar energy. 

  • Firstly, solar developers look into finding landowners who are interested in leasing land for solar farming

  • After finding an interested landowner they need to find customers who are interested in purchasing solar. The developer looks at who wants the energy for their own use, and whether it is corporate or residential use. The developer often needs to negotiate contracts with the customer and get a comparable price for both parties. 

  • While finding customers, developers will also look at the land itself to determine how the energy generated will be connected to the electrical grid. 

  • After taking all the steps in the introductory part of solar development, developers look into permits they need in order to complete the solar farming process. Developers apply for local, state, and even federal permits to get the solar panel building started as soon as possible.

  • Developers then look for the money needed to construct the farm. 

  • After that, equipment needs to be purchased by developers. Developers call several companies to find the most competitive prices for solar panels and racks. 

  • Finally, the building of the solar farm. Developers will call construction companies from all over the state specialized in EPCs to get the best people for the job. 

After completion of the solar farm, developers may or may not choose to own the farm for the time being. If the developer chooses not to own the farm then they will sell the solar farm to a separate company once the customer signs the lease agreement.      


Why Solar Developing? 

The increased demand for clean, sustainable energy solutions has expanded the solar market immensely — the growth potential for solar is enormous. Solar energy farms are reliable sources of energy and the increasing demand means an increase in jobs as well. The advancement of battery and energy storage stabilizes the grid by providing extra electricity when needed. The demand for electricity continues to grow, especially as everything is done online now. New York recently passed one of the most aggressive bills to tackle fossil fuel carbon emissions and solar developers are on the front lines to help make this bill happen.


Solar development is not only American, solar power is extremely popular all around the world — especially for those who are most affected by pollution and fossil fuel emissions. There are already very developed solar markets in countries like China, Japan, and Germany. Growth potential exists in many emerging markets like Africa, Latin America, and the Middle East. There is an increase in the demand for clean energy for rural areas to meet their energy needs. 


The excitement and desire to provide solar energy across the United States is immense and many states are already working their hardest to create clean energy for all. Through this hard work, there are still many challenges that exist with developing solar energy in each state. Policies change and, frankly, some politicians are opposed to really nailing down the clean energy movement. The futures of some solar incentives are uncertain for many states and may change from year to year. One thing is certain though — clean energy is a positive movement.           


By Kasey Liu

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