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June 3, 2019

Solar panel installations across the United States are expected to continue their rapid development over the next four years. This is according to the latest research on the progress of solar energy by Scottish research firm Wood Mackenzie.


Wood Mackenzie, alongside Washington DC trade group Solar Energy Industries Association (SEIA), have already tracked the progress of solar panel installations in the past three years, finding that the number of solar installations doubled to 2 million in that time period. A staggering level of growth, even for a thriving industry.


Now, looking to the future, Wood Mackenzie anticipates that this number will double once more, pushing the total number of solar panel installations across the country all the way up to a whopping 4 million installs. Though the number of solar panel installations is relatively small compared to other non-renewables like wind energy, it’s clear that progress is being made at a rapid rate for the solar sector.


Unsurprisingly, California accounts for a huge number of US solar installations, comprising nearly half of that 2 million figure. This Californian dominance looks set to continue as the industry develops nationwide. Much like New York, The Golden State has the magical solar combo of high utility rates and ambitious state goals for renewable energy sources moving forward. With these factors in mind, consumers are making the wise move of seeking out alternative energy sources. Check out some of the reasons why California is such a great solar state here


Other states have been catching up though, with South Carolina jumping from 1,160 to 18,000 solar projects in just three years. With this new forecasted growth from Wood Mackenzie, one of the most striking predictions concerns Illinois, which is expected to grow from 4,000 solar installations to a stunning 100,000 over the next five years.

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By Shane Croghan