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September 8, 2020

2020 has been a year packed with uncertainty, but one thing remains certain—there has never been a better time to go solar. For Westchester residents, a solar panel installation is a way to save on utility bills while ensuring a solid return on investment. Going solar has gotten steadily cheaper in recent years, while utility costs have continued to trend upwards. This is especially true for New Yorkers, including those in Westchester, who face some of the highest utility rates in the entire country. With volatile utility rates likely to continue rising in the coming years, a solar installation is a way to safeguard against this trend and offset your electricity costs.

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Why Go Solar in Westchester?

There are lots of reasons why Westchester solar is a smart choice. From lowering utility bills to positively impacting the environment, Westchester residents can receive a whole host of great benefits from a solar installation. Below, we’ve outlined the key reasons to go solar in Westchester, New York.

Lower Utility Bills

For most of our solar customers, this is probably the biggest draw of installing solar panels at their home or business. Going solar allows you to massively offset, or in some cases virtually eliminate, your electric bill. This means guaranteed savings for solar consumers each and every month once their system is up-and-running.

Return on Investment

Going solar is one of the most dependable, reliable investments on the market. A solar panel installation pays for itself over time, and you can count on consistent utility bill savings throughout this time. Once the system has paid for itself, you will be generating free, clean, renewable energy on your property. 

Financial Incentives & Rebates

Westchester residents can avail of some of the most generous financial incentives and tax credits available for going solar, thanks to New York’s commitment to clean energy. In fact, making optimal use of these incentives and rebates could allow you to recoup over half the cost of your solar panel installation. 2020 is the last year in which you can take advantage of the 26% federal investment tax credit (ITC) before it drops to 22% next year, so it makes sense to go solar this year if you are considering it.

On top of that, Westchester residents can also avail of a 25% NY State tax credit when they go solar. If your tax liability within a given year isn’t large enough to take full advantage of these tax credits, you can roll them over to the following year. Whatever your solar project, YSG will assist you in identifying the best financing option, allowing you to go solar at the lowest cost possible, while saving as much as possible in the future.

Increased Property Value

It’s been shown that a solar panel installation can increase property value. A property with pre-installed solar is a big draw for potential buyers, as it allows them to purchase a property with immediate, readymade energy savings. In the competitive Westchester real estate market, a solar panel installation could give you that extra edge should you ever decide to sell your property.

Positive Environmental Impact

With the climate crisis becoming a more urgent concern than at any other point in our history, going solar is a tangible way to do your part for the environment and reduce your carbon footprint while supporting the growth of renewable energy.

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Westchester Solar FAQ

The following questions are just some of the most common we hear when it comes to solar energy in Westchester, New York. If you have any questions that aren’t answered below, or you just want more in-depth information about any aspect of Westchester solar, feel free to contact YSG Solar today.

Why Should I Go Solar?

As you can see from our list of key benefits above, solar offers a guaranteed return on investment and utility bill savings each and every month. Add this to the increased property value, positive environmental impact, and the fantastic availability of incentives & rebates and you can see why so many Westchester residents have gone solar down through the years.

How Much Can I Save With Solar?

Solar consumers in Westchester, and throughout the entire state of New York, can expect to see a huge reduction in their monthly utility bill once their solar system is fully operational. In some cases, this may even amount to a utility bill offset of 100%. YSG Solar will consult with you to determine your energy usage and design the optimal solar system for your unique needs.

Should I Buy Or Lease My Solar System?

YSG Solar always recommends that you purchase the system outright, as this allows you to take full advantage of all the excellent financial incentives, rebates, and tax credits which are available. Of course, we will discuss what is best for each specific customer, and may offer a lease option if it makes more financial sense for you. 

How Long Will My Solar Panels Last?

Solar panels are durable, efficient pieces of technology designed to last for decades. Most solar panel installations will come with a warranty in the region of 25 years, but many will continue to generate electricity well beyond this 25-year period. YSG Solar uses the highest quality panels and equipment on the market to ensure that our systems are built to last and will generate electricity for decades to come.

Is Battery Storage Essential?

Energy storage is becoming an increasingly popular part of the solar sector—and with good reason. More and more customers are opting to install battery storage alongside their solar system as this offers an unprecedented level of energy autonomy. Battery storage offers a degree of independence from the power grid that you won’t get with solar panels alone. With that said, it’s not an essential part of going solar, although we are more than happy to discuss the possibility with any prospective customer.

Why Pick YSG Solar?

YSG Solar has been operating in the New York solar industry for over ten years, providing turnkey solutions for both residential and commercial solar customers across the entire state of New York and beyond. We know solar and we know Westchester. With the YSG Solar approach you get immediate savings on your utility bill, and a guaranteed return on your investment across the lifetime of your system. YSG works with the best quality solar equipment on the market, so you can trust that your solar system will operate at a high-level for its entire lifespan.

Looking for a Westchester solar installer in 2020? Look no further. Reach out to YSG Solar today and we will develop the ideal solar project for your energy needs, walking you through the entire process from start to finish. Send us an email, or call at 212.389.9215 to get started.

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