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October 5, 2020

Solaria has introduced its newest, state-of-the-art solar panel, the 400 Watt PowerXT. The company, which is headquartered in Oakland, California, has been working in the solar industry for twenty years, innovating technology and developing new products for the residential solar market. Solaria has over 250 issued and pending patents in solar cell & module technology.

Solaria 400 Watt PowerXT Panel

Solaria 400W PowerXT Panels

The new 400W PowerXT panels are the latest in a long line of technological innovations from Solaria, and will be available this quarter. 

  • Efficiency: With efficiency over 20%, these are some of the most powerful panels on the solar market. Less advanced panels achieve efficiency somewhere in the region of 15% to 17%.

  • Cost: Due to their excellent power production per square meter, the 400W PowerXT panels are more-cost effective.

  • Shading: The manner in which sub-strings are interconnected lowers shading losses and boosts the overall energy yield of the panels.

  • Aesthetics: The uniformity of the panel appearance makes for a more sleek, modern aesthetic, adding visual appeal to any property.

  • Warranty: With a 25-year warranty, Solaria 400W PowerXT panels are reliable, durable pieces of equipment, built to last for decades. 

Previous Solaria Modules

Solaria has also noted that it will be discontinuing a number of previous modules in 2021 due to the declining availability of 156.75mm cells. Those modules being discontinued include:

  • 360W Modules

  • 365W Modules

  • 370W Modules

The lack of 156.75mm cell availability is a result of manufacturers moving towards larger cell sizes, including the 158.75mm cells which Solaria will utilize for the 400W module series. The company also anticipates that module outputs will increase from 400W to 405-410W by Q2 2021.

For full details of Solaria 400W PowerXT panels, you can download the spec sheet at this link.

Residential Solar New York

Countless homeowners around the state of New York have seen the benefits of solar in recent years. With a significant drop in installation costs, a guaranteed return on investment, and the availability of some fantastic incentives and rebates, there has never been a better time to go solar. As you can see, technology has also improved, with companies like Solaria striving to produce the best solar panels on the market, in competition with the likes of Panasonic and LG. In areas with high utility costs, like NYC, Westchester, and Long Island, a solar panel installation can massively offset, and in some cases virtually eliminate, utility bills. Protect yourself from volatile, surging utility rates—go solar today.

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