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November 12, 2021

The solar industry has been rapidly expanding throughout the U.S. thanks to lower costs, increased research & development, and a greater societal awareness of the benefits of solar energy. Residential energy consumers can save on their utility bills, landowners can generate revenue with solar land leases, and community solar is democratizing renewable energy access for citizens of varying income levels. With the solar sector diversifying and energy consumers embracing renewables, installed solar capacity has skyrocketed across the country. Where is this capacity being installed? Read out on to learn about the top 10 solar states in 2021.

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The Top 10 Solar States in the U.S. in 2021

Below are the top 10 solar states in 2021, ranked by cumulative solar capacity installed. These figures are taken from the SEIA/GTM Research Solar Market Insight Report, which you can read about here.

#1. California

California remains the king of solar energy, with a capacity of 32,394 MW—the equivalent of 8,430,324 homes powered by solar.

#2. Texas

The runner-up is Texas, totalling 11,063 MW of capacity, which is enough to supply 1,297,592 homes with solar energy.

#3. Florida

Florida takes the third spot with a total capacity of 7,681 MW. This is enough solar energy for 908,181 homes.

#4. North Carolina

North Carolina comes in fourth place. A total solar capacity of 7,228 MW is the equivalent of 846,689 homes getting energy from solar.

#5. Arizona

Fifth on the list is Arizona with 6,112 MW of capacity. This is enough to provide 907,817 homes with solar-generated electricity.

#6. Nevada

Nevada is sixth. Its total capacity is 4,209 MW—equivalent to enough solar-generating capacity to power 695,487 homes in the state.

#7. New Jersey

Next on the list is New Jersey with a solar capacity of 3,739 MW, which is equal to enough solar energy for 579,252 homes.

#8. Massachusetts

Massachusetts is number eight on the list. Its total solar capacity of 3,381 MW means the state is capable of producing enough solar power for 552,186 homes.

#9. Georgia

The ninth entry on the list is Georgia with 3,249 MW of capacity. This is the equivalent of enough solar energy for 373,248 homes.

#10. New York

Rounding out the top 10 solar states is New York. NY’s solar capacity of 2,990 MW is equal to enough solar-generated electricity for 483,665 homes.

Top 10 Solar States 2021 Infographic

The graphic below, courtesy of the Solar Energy Industries Association (SEIA), visualizes the information outlined in this article, exploring the top 10 solar states in the country. You can also download a PDF of the infographic here.

Top 10 Solar States 2021

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