Solar panels on roof
June 12, 2018

You’re contemplating switching to solar power but something is holding you back. Here are the top 7 solar power myths and the facts that disprove them.


1. Myth: Solar panels cost too much


Fact: The price to install a residential solar system has never been cheaper. According to the Solar Energy Industries Association (SEIA), the cost to install solar panels has dropped by more than 70% since 2010. There are also different incentives that vary from state to state to help cover the cost of going solar.


2. Myth: Solar panels don’t produce energy in cold climates

Fact: Believe it or not, solar panels work better in cooler temperatures. According to a field experiment done in the United Kingdom, the efficiency of solar panels drops when the panel reaches temperatures of about 87 degrees Fahrenheit. Solar panels ideal conditions are around 77 degrees Fahrenheit and sunny.

3. Myth: Solar panels don’t produce energy on cloudy days


Fact: Yes solar panels do produce energy on cloudy days, just not as much. When the sky is gray, visible light is still getting through. According to, solar panels will produce about 10-25% of their normal power output on a cloudy day. Take Germany for example, a country that’s not known for year-round sunshine but still has one of the most successful solar initiatives in the world.


4. Myth: Solar panels require a lot of maintenance


Fact: Solar panels are made with durable materials, have no moving parts and are built to withstand harsh weather conditions. This means there is little to no maintenance required. We do suggest you clear your solar panels of debris every few months to make sure your panels are working as efficiently as possible. Just take a leaf blower or rinse the panels with a hose to make sure there is nothing on the panels. Easy as that!


5. Myth: Solar panels will look unattractive on my roof


Fact: Of course this is subjective, but there are ways to reduce the visual impact of solar panels on your home. With growing technology, solar panels have become sleeker and thinner making them more visually appealing. Depending on how much land you have, panels can even be mounted on the ground.


6. Myth: Solar panels will damage my roof


Fact: Solar panels may actually preserve the portion of roof they cover by protecting it from harsh weather conditions. They do not directly rest on the roof, but rather are raised a few inches in order to allow debris to be cleared off and to promote air flow. They weigh about the same as a second layer of shingles, posing no threat to your roof. If your roof does need to be repaired for other reasons, it is easy to remove the panels as they are not directly attached to the roof.


7. Myth: Re-selling my home will be harder with solar panels


Fact: Since installation prices have been decreasing and the value of solar power has been increasing, solar panels actually raise the property value of your home. With solar panels already installed, the buyer will not have to deal with the process of installation but will be able to reap the benefits of the panels.


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