August 1, 2018

Knowledge is power, and in the solar industry, more knowledge means more solar.


Having access to solar information is vital to the spread of this renewable resource, which is where the Utility Energy Registry comes in to play. Starting mid – 2018, the New York State Energy Research and Development Authority (NYSERDA) is creating an online registry of community-scale utility energy data.


What is the UER and why is it needed?

Both the New York Government and utility companies agree that solar and renewable energy opportunities don’t get enough exposure. Aside from utility companies and installers, most people don’t have access to information regarding Community Choice Aggregation (CCA); the alternative to investor-owned utility energy systems. CCA, run by local entities, is a coveted source of energy because of the lower prices it can provide and the alternative, cleaner source of energy. If this third party would know about the community’s energy consumption or the number of people partaking in CCA, they would be able to see the advantage and opportunity in taking part in CCA.


What is being done about it?

Because of this, NYSERDA, with the support of the utility companies, is creating an information hotspot for anyone to access. People will have access to the community’s info as a whole without giving away specific details that could uncover any private individuals information. Included in the information on this registry is the customer count, the total load of electricity being provided, the installed capacity, and the number of ineligible accounts. This registry is intended to boost the levels of private investment in alternative energy sources such as CCA, community solar, or direct sources such as solar power, wind energy etc.


The utility companies will update the information every six months to ensure all information is accurate and up to date.


The New York Department of Public Service spokesman, John Chirlin, said that the purpose of the registry is to “promote and facilitate community-based energy planning and energy use awareness and engagement.” This streamlined public access to this energy data will hopefully do just that.



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