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June 14, 2019

Walmart, a US retailer you may have heard of before, has set its sights on a renewable future. The massive retailer announced an agreement with United States Solar Corporation (US Solar) a couple of days ago, further signalling the changed energy approaches of big corporations in the United States and beyond.


The agreement sees Walmart subscribing to 36 US Solar community solar gardens. The gardens are located in Minnesota, a nationwide leader in the community solar sector, and each garden has a generation capacity of 1 MW, thus comprising the 36 MW agreement.  


These community gardens, some of which are already operational and some of which will go live in the first half of 2020, will generate clean, renewable energy for Walmart. The power generated will be utilised by Walmart operations in 13 different counties dotted around the state of Minnesota.


This step towards solar-generated, renewable energy by Walmart is reflective of the sustainable attitude we are seeing from a number of big corporations in recent times. It’s clear that renewables are the future and many companies are looking to solar energy to guide them toward this future.


To learn more about the wonderful community solar programs available in Minnesota, and discover why the state is ahead of the game in community solar, check out our recent blog post here.


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By Shane Croghan