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June 4, 2019

New Yorkers are uniquely positioned to take advantage of the solar revolution and Westchester residents are no exception to this. Over the past couple of decades solar panel arrays have spread exponentially, popping up all across the United States and delivering great results for businesses and homeowners alike. If you live in Westchester, you could benefit too. Below, you’ll find just some of the reasons why a solar panel installation is a wise investment for inhabitants of Westchester County.


#1. Utility Rates Keep Rising

The state of New York has some of the highest utility rates in the United States and, of course, Westchester residents feel the effects of these rates as much as anyone else. The impact of a solar panel installation on electric bills has been one of the key motivators for solar consumers down through the years and this remains unchanged in 2019. With utility rates looking likely to continue creeping higher and higher as the years roll by, a solar panel installation is the best way to protect yourself from these spiking rates. With the energy generated by a solar panel array you can put a huge dent in your monthly bill or, in some cases, even offset your electric bill entirely. With such high bills in New York, Westchester residents will notice the benefits of solar immediately.


#2. Fantastic Incentives & Rebates Are Available

Funding your solar panel installation has never been easier, thanks to the host of wonderful incentives and rebates available to Westchester County residents looking to go solar. New York State has some of the best incentives and rebates in the country. The Megawatt Block Incentive is generous in its dollars-per-watt approach. The NY State Solar Equipment Tax Credit can really put a dent in the initial expenditure involved with going solar. Best of all is the federal investment tax credit (ITC), which offers a tax liability up to 30% of the solar system’s value. Unfortunately, 2019 is the last year in which you can avail of the full 30% rate, so now is the best time to take the plunge. Learn more about the ITC step-down here.


#3. Solar Boosts Property Value

Another much-vaunted benefit of a solar panel installation is the impact on property value. With a solar panel installation, Westchester property owners will not only see an increase in the value of your property, but improved saleability as well. If you decide to put your property on the market, it won’t only fetch a higher price, it will also be snapped up quicker. Buyers of new properties love to reduce expenditure as much as possible and a property with a solar array offers this reduction thanks to the immediate reduction in utility bills.


#4. Westchester Is A Renewable Leader

In addition to the viability of residential and commercial solar installations for Westchester residents, there are also great community options available thanks to Renewable Westchester.  Westchester County is host to the very first Community Choice Aggregation initiative established under Governor Cuomo’s Reforming the Energy Vision (REV) plan. You can find more information about this progressive Westchester initiative right here.


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By Shane Croghan






Featured Image Source: Steve Carrea [Public domain], via Wikimedia Commons