What Happens After you Sign a Solar Contract?
November 6, 2018

You’ve learned all about solar power, had a consultation with a solar expert, and decided on the right solar system for your needs - So what happens next? Well, quite a bit! After you sign a contract things to start to move pretty quickly and it won’t be long before you’ve got those panels up on your roof. But first, there are a few big steps to take on your journey to a solar-powered lifestyle.

Site Assessment

After signing your contract, you’ll have a strong idea of the kind of solar system that is going to suit your home. To move ahead and understand how this system will fit your property, it’s important that an expert takes a look at the location where the solar panels are going to be installed.


Plans & Designs

Once your property has been examined and assessed, it’s time to get to work on the final design. Engineers, specially trained in solar system design, will take the data from the site survey and draw up plans for your unique solar panel installation. These plans will provide a detailed outline of the system which, pending your approval, will be realized on your property at installation time.



The permitting stage is another important step after the contract has been drawn up and signed. Acquiring permits ensures transparency for all parties involved, making sure that the solar system which ends up on your property will meet all the necessary requirements and be of the highest possible quality. The permits allow the solar panel installer to move ahead with the project and get to the point of install.



Now for the fun part… the day of install! Once all the planning, designing and permitting has been taken care of, it’s time to actually install your solar system. The installation of a solar system is a clean, straightforward process with minimal interference to your home, or business, life. Most of the work will occur on the exterior of the property - as you might expect - and the process generally takes no longer than a day or two.



After the installation has taken place then it’s inspection season for your solar system. Depending on your locality, there are a number of inspections that may need to occur. Generally there will be an electrical inspection, sometimes a building inspection and, less often, a randomly assigned NYSERDA inspection. These inspections ensure that the newly installed solar system is up to code, so you can rest easy and enjoy the benefits brought about by solar energy.



And for the final piece of the puzzle, PTO (Permission to Operate). This document is an assurance that your system is fully approved, operational, and ready to work in conjunction with your utilities provider to give you all the great benefits of your new system.

So, once the contract has been signed these are the next steps in the process. At YSG Solar, we’ll be working to build your perfect solar system as the ink is drying, so contact us online today, or call the office at 212.389.9215.

By Shane Croghan