Solar Production Estimate
June 19, 2021

Energy storage seems to have gone mainstream in the past couple of years, but what does 2021 hold in store for this innovative energy approach? The growth of solar energy storage in recent times has come about as a result of the clear benefits of a solar-plus-storage energy system for residential and commercial properties. In addition, technological improvements and an increased presence across the solar sector have ensured that battery storage systems have become more affordable for solar consumers.


The increasing demand for battery storage is largely thanks to its growing affordability for the consumer, both individuals and businesses alike. With a solar power/battery storage combo now a more affordable prospect than a gas/coal facility, for example, it’s not surprising that demand is on the up-and-up. This trend looks set to continue. Those with investments in more old-school energy sources may be reluctant to jump ship to solar & battery initially, but at the end of the day return on investment is king. With this in mind, the affordable approach of a solar battery storage system will begin to win out on a grander scale.


Probably the main appeal of energy storage systems is, well, the ‘storage’ part! If you want to save electricity to use later then a battery storage system intersects near-perfectly with solar array operating principles. The ability to store generated energy and then manipulate it for use at the times when you really need it is a huge draw. Why does it work so well with solar panels? Well, naturally, solar energy generation peaks earlier in the day when the sun is high in the sky, before tapering off as the evening sets in and night falls. With an energy storage system, you can store the excess energy generated during the day and then use it in the evening when the system isn’t generating power and, most likely, you’ll need more electricity than you would during the day. If you’re at work all day, then you come home to use all your appliances when it’s dark, a solar battery storage system makes sense.


With the appeal of battery storage for consumers, along with its increasing affordability, solar battery storage systems are likely to continue their upward trajectory throughout 2021 and beyond. In addition, the software associated with energy storage is likely to become more streamlined, while it’s also possible that batteries will become smaller and more integrated with the overall solar system. It’s also likely that we will continue to see large PPAs (power purchase agreements) for huge solar-plus-battery storage systems across the US and beyond.


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By Shane Croghan