Staten Island Ferry
May 22, 2019

Across the state of New York, and indeed the United States as a whole, more and more people are turning toward renewable energy sources like solar panels. In particular, New Yorkers have sought solar panel installations due to a combination of high electric bills and excellent solar incentives. One such area where solar installations have seen lots of growth is Staten Island.


A big area, with lots of open space and a sizeable population, Staten Island is set up nicely for solar panel arrays. In recent years we’ve developed a strong relationship with our customers on Staten Island and it’s easy to see why - for Staten Island residents, solar makes sense. Let’s check out 3 reasons why.


#1. Utilities

As mentioned above, high electric bills have been a real motivator for those deciding to go solar. With New Yorkers already facing some of the highest utility rates in the country, and these rates set to continue rising, a solar installation offers a way out of this utilities trap. Once it’s all set up and operational, a solar panel array can make a huge dent in your monthly electric bill or, in some cases, even offset the bill entirely.


#2. Incentives

Across the country there are countless great rebates and incentives associated with going solar and Staten Island is no exception. Staten Island residents can avail of all the same fantastic incentives and rebates open to the rest of New York State. The Megawatt Block Incentive uses a generous dollars-per-watt approach. The NY State Solar Equipment Tax Credit can offer a big reduction in the expenditure involved with going solar. Perhaps most appealing of all is the Federal Investment Tax Credit (ITC), which can offer a tax liability worth up to 30% of the system’s value. Unfortunately, 2019 is the last year where the full 30% is on offer, meaning that 2019 is the best time to take the solar plunge. Learn more about the ITC here.


#3. Value

A solar system provides value for consumers in a number of ways. As well as being energy-efficient and environmentally-friendly, the system is a solid, dependable investment in your future. With a long lifespan and proven durability, a solar panel array is as safe an investment as you can get, protecting solar consumers from the volatile utilities market. On top of this, a solar panel installation has been shown to increase both the value and saleability of a property. Prospective property buyers will be eager to snap up a property which offers an immediate reduction in their expenditure - thanks to the decreased electric bills.


If you’re based on Staten Island and you want to go solar, contact YSG now or give the office a call at (212) 389-9215.


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By Shane Croghan