Solar Panels, Solar Power, Solar Energy, YSG Solar
July 7, 2021

A microgrid is a controllable local energy grid which can be disconnected from the traditional energy grid, allowing it to operate autonomously. Differing from the conventional idea of... Read more

Solar PV, Solar Energy, Solar Power, Solar Panels, YSG Solar
June 22, 2021

With further deployment of solar PV projects set to play a vital role in meeting NY climate targets, entities within the solar industry, as well as policymakers and regulators, are eager to... Read more

NY, NYC, New York, New York City, YSG Solar
June 21, 2021

The annual update to the Value of Distributed Energy Resources (VDER) has seen the Environmental (E) value, which is fixed for 25 years for all VDER projects, increase to... Read more

Top-Rated Solar Installer 2019
June 20, 2021

After you’ve made up your mind about going solar, finding the best solar panel installer should be the next thing on your agenda.... Read more

Solar Production Estimate
June 19, 2021

Energy storage seems to have gone mainstream in the past couple of years, but what does 2021 hold in store for this innovative energy approach? The growth of... Read more

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June 16, 2021

In recent years, solar deployment has skyrocketed for a number of reasons—increased energy requirements, greater availability of incentives, lower costs, improved technology, more investment... Read more

Solar Panels, Solar Roof, Solar PV, Solar Energy, YSG Solar
June 15, 2021

For residents of White Plains, and New York State in general, going solar is an effective way to offset some of the highest utility costs in the entire country. While New Yorkers face some... Read more


What Our Customers Are Saying

  • David delivers! A true professional that talks at any level in discussing complex systems. David staff is knowledgeable about the product and is efficient installer. I would highly recommend them. David's team delivers!

    Chris S, Batavia, NY
  • I thought that this would be a good investment towards my retirement. The time will never be better do to solar energy the federal government provides tax credit and I would not hesitate to do it.

    Gerald Singleton, Queens, NY
  • YSG Solar is the best company when it comes to price of the system, quality of materials, and workmanship. I checked about 7 different companies and YSG offered the best system with the most up to date, state of the art, solar equipment.

    Anthony D, Huntington, NY
  • Love being a Solar family now! My utility bill has dropped to next to nothing. YSG Solar was a fabulous company to deal with. Everything they said they would do, they did. The job was completed quickly and professionally with no hiccups.

    George T, Washingtonville, NY
  • residential solar panels Hamburg, NY

    I had a 7kw solar system installed in July of 2012 by YSG and I'm thrilled with with the outcome, My first bill was under $20 and I have an inground pool and the pump that runs 12 hrs. a day, July and August were hot and the air conditioning ran just about every day all day.

    Rod, Hamburg, NY
  • home solar panel installation, East North Port, NY

    I was most satisfied with the professionalism of everyone from YSG. I would like to recognize Dave for his exceptional service on my project.

    Danny G, East North Port, NY
  • residential solar panel installation in Garden City, NY

    Very knowledgeable courteous would highly recommend the crew was extremely professional.

    Fiona B., Garden City, NY
  • home solar installation in West Islip, NY

    I was most satisfied with the way that it was installed. They cleaned up everything and we had no problems with the Installation

    Vincent D., West Islip, NY
  • home solar panel installation, West Seneca, NY

    I was most satisfied with how they handled all of the paperwork and all the work permits. I recommend them all the time and send their contact information to everyone any chance that I get. I was very happy with them.

    Gina S., West Seneca, NY
  • residential solar panel array in Huntington, NY

    We received rebates for making our home more energy efficient from both the utility company and the government.

    Robert F., Huntington, NY
  • My electric bill last month was $28.48!!! I can't wait to see the summer bills.

    Richard F., Grand Island, NY
  • The quality of the work and professionalism of the staff was outstanding.

    Andy G., Island Park, NY
  • I would like to thank the staff at You Save Green for doing a good job and their professionalism. I would and will recommend them for solar installations.

    Beverly C., Freeport, NY
  • Very nice crew , polite and efficient. advised me of numerous details along the w ay and lived up to everything they promised. would highly recommend them to all.

    Eddie S., Brooklyn, NY
  • I have to say your workers at YSG Joshua, Henry & Nelwin are terrific! They are going above and beyond and doing a great job. Thanks again.

    Mercedes V., Howardbeach, NY
  • I was most satisfied with the workmanship. It was excellent. Both of my neighbors have used them, and a friend of mine used them. I hand out their paperwork to anyone that's interested in saving money.

    Larry G, Huntington NY
  • I am very happy with the solar system! it is producing very nicely and will probably beet the annual estimate you gave me.

    David W., Palmyra, NY
  • I was most satisfied that they worked long hours and did a really fast job.

    Colean C., West Babylon, NY